CORVO - Opto-Tube Balanced Parallel Compressor

CORVO - Opto-Tube Balanced Parallel Compressor

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Corvo is an opto-tube ballanced compressor with parallel compression and expanded controls.

It is built incorporating push-pull design with two 6п1п tetrode tubes per channel, making 4 tubes in total. Compression is managed via opto-pair,  much like in our Solution compressor, but in Corvo you get timing controls for attack and release parameters with x2 multiplier switch,  ratio knob, Threshold knob, Feedback/Feedforwaard switch, Sidechain low-cut at 75Hz and two signal path knobs Wet and Dry. All knobs are stepped. Unit operates in dual-mono mode as well as  linked stereo mode, for which there’s a button on a faceplate. There’s also a true bypass circuitry with a switch for each channel.  Add input/output transformers from world best manufacturers and you get a versatile and lovely sounding compressor for multiple studio applications, be it tracking, mixing or mastering. 

Parallel compression is Corvo’s most unique feature, where you get way more flexibility sound-wise. Wet channel can still be used as a straight forward compressor if you wish to, but adding a Dry level makes all the difference, enabling parallel compression chain. You then can go way more extreme with compression, compensating for the lack of transients with Dry channel making overall sound more distinct, manageable and robust. And you can still use a Dry channel just as a way to enrich your signal with sound of transformers and tubes it goes through. 

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