GRID Vari-Mu Mastering Grade M-S/L-R Compressor
GRID Vari-Mu Mastering Grade M-S/L-R Compressor
GRID Vari-Mu Mastering Grade M-S/L-R Compressor
GRID Vari-Mu Mastering Grade M-S/L-R Compressor
GRID Vari-Mu Mastering Grade M-S/L-R Compressor

GRID Vari-Mu Mastering Grade M-S/L-R Compressor

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In short, Grid is a Class A single-stage tube (pentode circuit wired as a triode)
Vari-MU mastering compressor with transistor-based side-chain amp, stepped
knobs for precise timings and levels adjustment as well as a Mid-Side option of
operation. But there are two main things that really set Grid Vari-MU compressor
apart from other units which include unique tubes used for the unit and input level
knob. This may not seem much, but it dramatically impacts the sound and feel
you get with Grid compressor.

The charm of the vari-mu circuit design lies in its multiple variables, from the
amplifier circuit to the side-chain and detector design, and even voltage shift.
These elements provide a fertile playground for crafting a compressor that stands
apart in its uniqueness and excellence. Moreover, the cornerstone of Grid, much
like its vari-mu siblings, or predecessors rather, Varis and Islander, is to transcend
conventionality, to carve out its own niche, to produce a sound that cannot be
replicated elsewhere.

At the core of Grid compressor is a novel vacuum tube, possessing unique
characteristics and a remarkable 10,000-hour lifespan. This is no ordinary
component, it’s an exquisitely complex device that is a relic from the dusk days
of the tube era and produces an exceptionally gratifying sound. Complementing
this is a suite of newly designed, high-end audio transformers, which harmonize
perfectly with the tube. A completely revamped power supply unit and a
redefined philosophy of output level control add to its distinct identity. The solid
state side-chain circuit, a defining feature of our highly sought-after Varis and
Islander flagship models, has been inherited by Grid as well. And with input level
knob you just can do so much more, from simple gain management to signal

As the result Grid possesses a sonic character that resonates with excellence and
a compression vibe that is nothing short of stunning, allowing engineers to
manage signals substantially without audible effect of the signal being
compressed. That was exactly what we aimed for. It is rare that one can offer a
novel design in a world of tube tech. So, Grid is a proud entrant into the
Handcrafted Labs' family of products, one that we believe will leave its mark in
audio engineering and music production.

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Input Impedance: 600 Оhm
Output Impedance: 600 Оhm
Nominal Level: +4 dBu
Max. Level: +22 dBu
Max. Amplification: 10 dBu
Compressor Side chain Filter: 75/150 Hz
M-S Coding/decoding: Transformer
Frequency range: 20Hz ... 20 kHz - 1dB
Signal to noise ratio: -96 dB
THD at 1kHz and +16 dB: less then 0.15%
Power Supply: 115/230V 50-60Hz

Input Transformers

core material: high quality annealed M6 silicon steel (19Kilogauss)
lamination thickness :0.35mm
core size: EI75/40
dimensions :75mmx63mmx83mm
weight: 1.45Kgr per transformer

Output Transformers

Double coated Grade 2 enamelled copper wire
Wound with Precision, Multi section winding, for reduced leakage inductance
and high dielectric strength.
Secondaries are wound in bifilar method to ensure perfect load match and same