A Thermos Rev.3- Dual-Mono Program EQ with MS

A Thermos Rev.3- Dual-Mono Program EQ with MS

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            Thermos is a dual-mono four band parametric mastering grade solid state program EQ. Each channel has 4 parametric bands, where on each band you get a Boost/Attenuation knob to deal with the frequency of your choice, Q knob, ranging from broad to sharp and frequency selection knob. 

            A great feature is that on Low and High bands you can choose between parametric and shelf EQ modes. There's also a multiplication button on each band that doubles the frequency you select and divides by half on High band.  

Thermos operates in dual mono mode. All knobs are stepped to deliver you a precise control over the signal on both channels whenever you’re tracking, mixing or mastering.

New for Rev.3

Mid-Side functionality

Transformers used in assembly are Edcor and Lundahl (optional on client’s request). This choice lets us to use Fairchild 670’s design in M-S coder, where no additional op-amps for M-S chain, which makes Thermos most neutral soundwise. 

Also in rev.3 we added a pair of outputs, covering transformer and transformerless outputs to suit any engineer’s needs. 

High Pass Filter has six fixed frequencies and 12dB/24dB to octave curve selector. 

Frequency Response measured with all eq bands ON set flat, 10Hz to 100kHz +0.2/-3dB

Input Impedance approx 600 ohms

Output Impedance approx 600 ohms

Signal to noise ratio -95dB

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