A VELVET - All Tube Channel Strip
A VELVET - All Tube Channel Strip
A VELVET - All Tube Channel Strip

A VELVET - All Tube Channel Strip

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Velvet is the ultimate pure tube pre-amp channel strip unit from Handcrafted Labs. It is a masterful blend of vintage warmth and modern precision, offering a Class A tube microphone preamplifier, a nuanced opto-compressor and a convenient EQ section. This all-in-one unit is designed to deliver rich, smooth and warm sound, making it an indispensable tool for any recording application for variety of engineers, musicians and producers alike.

Pre-Amp Section: The Heart of Velvet

At the core of Velvet lies a Class A tube microphone preamplifier, operating on dual triode tubes (6n3p and 6n5p) with two tubes per channel. This pre-amp is a testament to our commitment to quality, featuring top-class components such as Cinemag input transformers and high-quality film capacitors. The output stage incorporates custom in-house built transformers, designed to complement the tubes in the most harmonious way possible. Controls include a stepped Input Gain knob, High Z instrumental input, Phantom power, Phase flip switch, Attenuator Pad switch, and a Low Cut filter set at 80 Hz.

Compressor Section: Precision and Control

Following the pre-amp, Velvet's chain features an opto-leveling amplifier, a nod to the legendary Teletronics LA-2A, but with our own unique enhancements. The dual triode 6N5P tubes ensure a sonic character that is transparent yet smooth and colorful. The signal path is pure tube, hand-built with high-quality shielded oxygen-free wire and film capacitors. Controls include a side-chain filter switch at 80 Hz, Pre/Post EQ routing switch, Hard/Soft Knee switch, and a Bypass switch for the compressor section.

EQ Section: Sculpt Your Sound

The EQ section of Velvet offers four stepped switches to boost/cut Low frequencies, Low Mid frequencies, Mid frequencies, and High frequencies. These fixed values and relatively broad Q have been meticulously selected by our engineers to work perfectly with a large number of signals, with a particular focus on vocals. A Bypass switch for the EQ section is also included for added flexibility.

Output Section: The Final Touch

The Velvet's output section is controlled by a Master Level knob that adjusts the output level of the device. An Insert in/out switch allows for insert circuitry engagement if you wish to use other gear to enhance the signal prior to Velvet’s output stage. A needle indicator mode of operation switch can be set to output level metering or gain reduction, providing you with precise control over your sound.

Experience the Velvet difference today and elevate your sound to new heights. With Velvet, you're not just recording - you're crafting a sonic masterpiece.

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